The CCNA Wireless Certification validates candidate’s skills in the configuration, implementation and support of wireless LANs, specifically those networks using Cisco equipment. Students completing the recommended Cisco training are provided with information and practice activities to prepare them for configuring, monitoring and troubleshooting basic tasks of a Cisco WLAN in SMB and Enterprise networks. Employers will be able to validate their staff the skills needed for basic wireless networking on a Cisco WLAN in SMB and enterprise networks after completing certification.

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification is a pre-requisite to CCNA Wireless certification.

The CCNA Wireless Certification course covers various concepts such as:

1.   Describing WLAN RF principles

2.   WLAN technologies

3.    Antennae concepts

4.    802.11 protocols

5.    Wireless media access

6.    Wired to wireless network packet delivery

7.    Cisco Unified Wireless Networks basic architecture

8.    Controller discovery and association

9.    Mobility Express architecture

10.  Wireless clients

11.  WCS

12.  Maintaining and troubleshooting wireless networks.

At SayPBS Networking Academy, we do our best to provide the highest quality training possible. Our trainers ensure that you are professionally trained for the CCNA Wireless Certification certification during the the CCNA Wireless Certification course.

What makes us unique is our ability to provide practical training with deep insight into the real world, making you capable to handle the challenges in the practical world because this certification is considered a key requirement for the following jobs:

1.   Planning and design of wireless networks

2.   Implementation and configuration of wireless networks

3.   Verification and troubleshooting related jobs for wireless networks