3D Modeling introduces the fundamentals of 3D techniques, from the basics of 2D to the wonders of 3D. Students will be given the opportunity to explore various modeling techniques by using both traditional and digital tools.

The Hollywood award-winning software will be used for 3D modelling and animation and will be the focus of this course. The course offers students extensive instructions in the fundamentals of 2D and 3D animation, storyboarding, modeling, conceptual design, special effects, and the integration of sound and vision for the television and entertainment industry.



Bringing characters to life

Our character animators in traditional, 3D or stop motion are taught to be concerned with the performance on screen. They have an understanding of timing, movement of humans and animals, and acting is essential to bringing characters to life. They create and design characters using animation software, 3D modelling, 2D animations, and even puppetry. They develop characters that use movement to tell a story and manipulate animated characters to interact in digital environments by using computer software.

First Year 3D Modeling and Animation Components

Learn the basic skills required to operate contemporary 3D packages and produce simple digital rigs and animations.

Second Year 3D Modeling and Animation Components

Gain the necessary knowledge to produce simple digital models, textured surfaces and scene lighting.

Build 3D models that are fit for production purpose. Students gain knowledge in rendering and lighting 3D objects and scenes.

Learning support

When you join the programme, you will be assigned a personal tutor who will provide personal support throughout the course.

Modular by Distance Learning

In addition, each module has a designated moderator who co-ordinates the course activities, discussion and advice to help you with the organisation of your work, including information on assessment, study skills and recommended reading. While working through the module materials you will be able to interact with your personal tutor and your fellow students through module-specific activities.


We have multiple start dates throughout the year so you have the option of choosing when to commence your studies with us. You can study at home, in your own time and at your own pace, so you can combine achieving a qualification with other commitments. Once you completed 6 core semesters of the course, you will be awarded with Diploma of 3D Modeling and Animation.



More than just 3D, it's a vision

Students with the knowledge and the skills in 3D design, modeling and animation usually excel as 3D modelers and animators. They become leaders in a thriving industry. The course and training addresses skills in the industry standard workflow, design, animation and final concept rendering.

Skills gained in this course makes the student to be confident become a specialist in the 3D industry. The course and training incorporates extensive project work, practical skills and portfolio design to provide students with excellent reference with success for employment.

Career Opportunity

•   3D Modeller                   •   VFX Artist
•   Compositor                     •   Animator  

Innovation from edge to cutting edge

Students develop their skills in 3D modelling, texturing, UVW unwrapping, rigging, animation, lighting, using cameras, rendering and compositing. Students will concept, model and animate character, design game levels, create high-detail creatures, build realistic environments and craft a short animated movie.

In addition to learning advanced high polygon modeling, realistic lighting, texturing and advanced realistic character animation, the course incorporates skills in organization, time and project management. The course trains you to articulate and present your ideas to peers. It will give you experience and tools for production, management and scriptwriting, essential skills for a number of career development and progression.



Our Clients & Strategic Partners in 3D Modeling and Animation

The vision behind SayPBS Design Academy has never wavered, which is to transform the designing experience with powerful, easy-to-use technology with amazing tools to do just about anything.

From games to architecture, film or television and manufacturing, SayPBS Design Academy and its strategic partners are committed to supporting you on your career journey both now and in the future.

If you are 13 years of age, willing to work hard and also have fun, you are our next young 3D Modeler and Animator.